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Overview of Electronic Collection Services

Statistics Canada is responsible for the collection of a wide variety of data from Canadian businesses and households. This includes conducting the Population Census, regular monthly surveys, and special one-time surveys (about 350 surveys conducted every year on virtually all aspects of Canadian life). The data collected are critical to all levels of government, Canadian business, and individuals, in making planning decisions. Statistics Canada prides itself on maintaining the highest degree of professionalism while collecting the most accurate data possible on all our surveys. In so doing, the preservation of the confidentiality of those individuals and businesses that provide information to us is of the utmost importance. These basic tenets are critical to our department, and have made Statistics Canada one of the top data collection agencies in the world!

The legislation which authorizes Statistics Canada to collect information from businesses and households in Canada is called the Statistics Act This Act sets out what we can do and how this data must be collected and used.

Statistics Canada offers an electronic collection solution designed to help respondents fill out their surveys with a minimum of time and effort. We continue to ensure the confidentiality and security of respondent data, as required by the Statistics Act.

We depend on your comments to help us improve our electronic collection services. Once you have completed your electronic questionnaire, you will be invited to complete an evaluation form. We would appreciate if you could take a few minutes to complete it and provide us with your comments and feedback.