Is the online recruitment application accessible?

The census online recruitment application has been tested to comply with the Treasury Board Secretariat’s directive based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This ensures that the application is accessible to all respondents, including those using assistive technologies.

Several measures have been taken to facilitate navigation of the online application:

While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accessibility of the online application, some content or services might be inaccessible to some visitors. If you require assistance to complete your application, please contact the Census Recruitment Help Line at 1-833-830-3106. To save time, please gather the following information before calling:

Notice to users of assistive technology

The following information is intended to clarify navigation of the online recruitment application for users of assistive technology.

Read the entire page

It is recommended that you carefully read through the content of each question or new screen of the online recruitment application before responding.

Page structure and navigation

All pages of the online recruitment application begin with a “Skip to main content” link. Selecting this link will bring you directly to the main content of the page.

All pages of the online recruitment application include a Level 1 heading indicating the name of the online recruitment application. A Level 2 heading introduces the current section, or the survey “step,” and each question is contained within a Level 3 heading.

Depending on the question, various form elements (e.g., edit fields, drop-down combination boxes, radio buttons) will present the answer options. Screen reader users can hear the question repeated after the answer options have been identified. If you do not need to hear the question repeated, simply provide your answer and move on to the next question.

If you are completing the online recruitment application in English, ensure the native language of your screen reader is set to English for best results.

Form controls

Do not use the “back” and “forward” buttons in your browser or the “back” and “forward” keyboard shortcuts. Instead, navigate with the form control buttons provided.

Every page of the online recruitment application contains the following navigational form control buttons:

  • Next
  • Previous.

Blank or incomplete responses

If a question has been left blank or incomplete, the page will reload when you use the “Next” button. Questions that require revision will be listed sequentially at the top of the content area. Each question will be preceded by the Level 3 heading “Attention”, offering a direct link to the question.